Malware Protection in Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 came with greater protection and better security. NSSLabs is independent security Research Company, they done a research regarding to different browsers and the result was great. Internet Explorer 8 wins over other browsers; it means that using Internet Explorer 8 will give you greater protection. As you see in the chart below, Internet Explorer blocks 81% of malicious websites, websites that contain Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, etc. It means that before you log on to websites that contain Virus and before you download anything or your Anti-Virus shows that this Virus is removed Internet Explorer will block the website for you. Note that this feature will NOT replace your Anti-Virus but it is additional protection layer that will help you against Malware. This is thanks to Internet Explorer 8 new SmartScreen filter that will detect Malware and Phishing websites and will block them for you.



Now, let’s talk about response time, as you see there are certain Malware that did not detect by Internet Explorer and other browsers, and then what will happen is they will report them to their browser vendor. In this case, Internet Explorer did not block some Malware website then it reports to Microsoft which is browser vendor for Internet Explorer. Then it will take some time for each vendor to review website and make sure that their browser will detect it. Again Internet Explorer 8 done great job, as you see in the chart below response time for blocking Malware in IE8 was great. Response time means that you as user find out that website contain Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware…) and you report it. Then it should block it as fast as it can, you don’t want that a website that contain Virus stay unblock for too long.



NSSLabs, before done a browser Malware test below is comparison between preview browser tests. Green one is the old one and Blue one is new one. As you can see in the second test which was latest one with newer Malware, Internet Explorer 8 protection improved.The rest of browser decline from their past test. Improvement is always better but Internet Explorer 8 was the only one that improved in second test.




I recommend you all to use Internet Explore 8 in order to be more protected and safer online. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, 6, 5 or earlier please upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. It is already inside your Windows Update. I also want you to help all users be more safe and secure and stop the bad guys. In this case if you are using Internet Explorer 8, make sure SmartScreen filter is on. Sometimes you might install add-on in your Internet Explorer that will block SmartScreen filter such as Norton Safeweb in Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security, in this case you could chose eider use SmartScreen Filter or other third-party protection, but make sure that you have at least one. If you find a website that contain Malware or Phishing (websites that ask you to enter personal information and are fake and try to stole your information) then report it .In internet Explorer 8 you have something called “safety” or you have shield icon or you could access it from Tools menu. After than you click “report unsafe website” , in the website that you are going to report, You have option for Malware that report about Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware or anything that could harm your PC. In Phishing part report website if it asks you to provide your personal information or credit card number and in general ask you to fill up something and the website is try to steal that information and is not trusted. Here is how it is look like:






Some users complain about performance in Internet Explorer, in this case if:

1)      The problem might come from you: if browser crash or cause problem, then windows will file it and ask you to send report. Whenever Windows ask you to report something please send report and click to report issue. This information will review by Microsoft Team and they will resolve it in Windows Update or Service Packs. And then contact Microsoft and gain assistance from them in order to resolve your issue.


2)      Website load very slow: in this case I suggest you to download FIX IT for internet Explorer 8 from:


for complete detail about NSSLabs please visit the following website:




Charts are copied from NSSLab report. This post is date post and will remain base on time, because NSSLab would post or upload new reports.





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