Protect against facebook’s hack.

I believed that many of you are using Facebook and you have a Facebook account. I am going to discuss about Facebook security. How to keep your Facebook account safe and secure against threats. Facebook account will associate with an email address, which means that you should have email address account and then provide it as username in Facebook and you have password. These are all you need to be able to log on to your Facebook, but many bad things could be happen. Let me give you some scenarios:


1)      Your friend told you that I received a strange message from your Facebook or something strange has been post in your Facebook wall such as:  Ha Ha Ha you have been hacked  or This account hacked by … or any other message. Sometimes you will see a link to some website that contain Malware (Virus,Worm,Trojan, …) .


2)      Some new friends were added or some of your friend has been removed. You didn’t add or remove them but they have been removed without your knowledge.



3)      You are typing correct username or password (your Caps Lock which make alphabet capital is off) but you could not access to your account.


4)       Your friends ask you about messages that you never send them.



When these scenarios happen then your account probably has been hacked. When your account been hacked then it is possible that email that you have been register for Facebook might be hacked too. So let me talk about some of method of hacking Facebook and how to protect you. Firstly, when your account has been hacked mostly problem come from you not Facebook server, because hacking a Facebook user is much easier than hacking Facebook servers. In many cases hacker will look for your Facebook ID and then will try to find your IP Address that associate with Facebook ID and will send a package containing Remote Access Trojan (RAT) to your PC. What is it? when it is type of Trojan that when came in your PC give unauthorized remote access to attacker(Hacker) and hacker could take control of your PC and do whatever he or she want like what you can do with your PC (take control over Screen, Mouse, Keyboard and everything). Some of hacking software are design only for Facebook account and after RAT goes in then will scan for Password that been save inside PC and try to record it or decrypt it (open or crack password) and when it gain access then give ability to hacker to control your Facebook, like normal user. Hacker can do whatever user will do in Facebook account including add/remove friend post in wall or send an email. Just imagine you give your password and username to some of else. Having username and password would be enough to access Facebook. Sometimes software designed to automatically scan for user and hacked them and put a message automatically. These are usually called Botnets. Here is example of how they work:

1) Scan for Facebook IDs

2) Attempt to find user IP

3) Send Trojan package to that IP

4) Trojan Execute and scan for all friends in Facebook (your added friend in Facebook account that been hacked).

5) Send link to all of them (this link contain Trojan)

6) This link contain download for Trojan and your Friend will download a Trojan

7) Same process will happen for them


Win32/Koobface is one of the famous worms (Malware that spread over network) that affected Facebook. But don’t scare, I believe that many of people who read this scared or plan to shutdown their Facebook account. But it is not like that; first you should run Genuine Windows and Anti-Virus and update them all and keep them running. I mention that it will find your IP and send Trojan to you, but Windows Firewall is there and block it for you. Let say your Firewall is off, then your Anti-Virus will remove it. So you see very basic thing, could help you a lot. Many people have been infected with this threat. Why?

 There are three main things that will help this Worm to come to your PC:

1)      Pirate Software(non-genuine)

2)      out of date Windows/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware (not updated)

3)      No or Off Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

Internet Explorer 8 came with a feature called SmartScreen filter. If you have Internet Explorer 8 and SmartScreen Filter is on, then if you link to Malware website it will block it. As I said a Threat could send a message (a link) on behalf of compromised user to his or her friends, SmartScreen filter would help you here.

What if you already had been compromised?

People might ask that I am using Facebook and it already been hacked what should I do? Then you do as follow:

1)      If you are using pirate software then migrate to genuine one. If you are using non-genuine, security solutions only could help you for a few month not forever.


2)      Scan your PC for Malware and remove them:

For Windows XP

For Windows Vista and Windows 7


3)      Change Password for you Facebook and your email that you use to login in Facebook (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc).  

4)      If you don’t have any Anti-Malware, then you could use Microsoft’s free Anti-Malware which is Microsoft Security Essentials at :


5)      If you could not reset your Facebook account , then use this following website to request reset:




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