Fake Anti-Virus

These programs will scare user, and they shows that their PC is infected by Virus or Spyware or any other Malware and then when user sees these information we assume that system is infected and try to buy a product to get protected, but in real scenario, they will not protect you at all and you might get false alarm that you are extremely infected by Malware and they could protect you, but in reality they won’t. Here is example, look at the following picture:

(Picture copy from Microsoft Malware Protection Center)

If you are browsing internet or if you click to a link in email you might link to a website similar to this one. As you see in the picture this is on web browser, it is not screen from my computer but the website designer make it look like page of my computer . Second thing that you should notice is that it shows scanning for Virus, in real world when you want to do scan using online scanner, then it must install some component in your PC, usually using Active X, but here it did not ask you for install anything and scanner cannot detect Malware when nothing installed inside the PC. Any way users usually will trick and press “remove all”. Then let see what will happen, Internet Explorer will pop up a message that said a program want to install do you want to continue and user again will say yes. Then it come how much you are protected , if you are using updated version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you have Windows Defender , it will remove it. If you have updated anti-virus it also will remove it. This was an introduction that how you will trick by this Fake Anti-Virus. Then let me tell you how to determine these types of fake Anti-Viruses:

1)      If you see a website that show your PC and then shows that removing Virus and Worm or detect Virus, Worm, Trojan, etc without ask you to download anything like ActiveX is fake.


2)      If you see a message that said you are infected or you have Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan…), click here to remove it and show you’re my Computer or desktop or some folder then it is fake.


3)      Malware Removal page will not come up automatically, you have to click a scan now or check for Virus to do scan, if a page come up without your action and start scanning, it is fake.


4)      When you want to scan your PC through internet then you have to sign agreement (Accept/Not Accept), if nothing asked about accept privacy, then it might be fake.


5)      If you see a page of My Computer, Desktop or any other places of your PC in a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) that do scanning, it is fake.


Ok, now let’s go ahead and tell you how could you protect yourself, in Internet Explorer 8, a new feature came up, it called SmartScreen Filter, and it will block this type of website. In the picture above it is Internet Explorer 8, but SmartScreen filter probably is off to show how it is. If you have Windows 7, then Internet Explorer 8 is already there. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP, then you go to Windows Update and you will see Internet Explorer 8, there and you could download it. Then, secondly, you should use updated version of Anti-Virus software (real one not a fake one) and make sure your Windows and Anti-Virus is Genuine. If you are using pirate software then this Malware could bypass your antivirus. If you are using Genuine Anti-Virus and it shows you a warning that a spyware is detect after you install fake anti-virus, trust your real anti-virus and remove it. Many users, when they face to this Fake Anti-Virus, they blame that why my PC is infected and my Anti-Virus did not do anything and in many cases they uninstall their Anti-Virus and installed these fake Anti-viruses.


If you believed that you already infected, then don’t worry. Just go to the following website:


For Windows XP users: http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/default.htm

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users: http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/center/whatsnew.htm



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